Practical Everyday English

Practical Everyday English
Practical Everyday English is not just a book, but a method which helps upper-intermediate and advanced students to understand and then use everyday vocabulary. Most of the material in the book is good conversational English rather than academic. However, I should like to point out that "good conversational English" does not mean street slang. There is included within the book a small amount of slang which now passes as "acceptable" English, but even members of the British Royal Family would use most of the phrases and idioms contained in these pages.

The book consists of:
  • Nine Chapters.
  • Three Lessons a chapter consisting of ten or more words or expressions, plus examples.
  • Dialogues containing words taught in that chapter.
  • Exercises with answers at the end of the book.
  • Audio CD containing all the dialogues

Practical Everyday English - Book
Practical Everyday English - Audio

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